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New MacBook Pro part numbers leaked?


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If you've been replying to our earlier post on Apple rumors by repeatedly typing "MacBook Pro update" across the screen, you'll be happy to hear this latest news. AppleInsider claims they have confirmed three new Apple part numbers which are showing up in both the Best Buy and Apple inventory databases. The numbers, MB402LL/A, MB403LL/A, and MB404LL/A, have appeared on these systems with the prices of $1,999, $2,499, and $2,799 in tow -- leading some (read, all) to believe that they may be those new laptops everyone's been talking about. Of course, we haven't seen these inventory management systems with our own, bloodshot, sleep-deprived eyes, so don't be too disappointed when it turns out this was just a really, really specific typo.

Apparently AI had an actual typo in their part numbers (which we reprinted) -- they've been fixed.

[Thanks, Mark]

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