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Silverlit VBeat Air Guitar and Air Drums are better than the real thing


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Face it, nobody has time these days to learn a real instrument with "strings" and "sevenths" and these "quarternotes" we hear tell of. That's why all music recorded from 2002 on has been 100% sampled: it's just better that way. The next step in this natural evolution, of course, is instrument-less instruments. Silverlit provides just such a future with the VBeat Air Guitar and Air Drums. Building upon Tomy's groundbreaking Air Guitar Pro, the VBeat instruments include "free style" and "easy go" modes, the latter of which allows for playing you fakestrument to pre-programmed rhythms -- a synergy of layered samples and a metronome, simply stunning. There's also a step-by-step learning mode called Pop Academy, but only losers need apply. These should sell for about £29.99 ($60 US) a piece, no word on availability. Action video is after the break.

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