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Gakken Super 8 projector kit brings hand-cranking back into style


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As we've seen, there's at least a small, devoted following out there keeping the venerable Super 8 format alive, and it now looks like they'll soon have another tool at their disposal, with the retro-minded folks at Gakken set to release their new Super 8 projector kit. While it's practicality may be in question for serious Super 8 enthusiasts, they will at least get a bit of an understanding of how things work by piecing it together themselves, not to mention a mild workout by hand-cranking the film through the projector. It's not all old school, however, with Gakken turning to white LEDs to light up your masterworks. If that's got your interest piqued, you'll apparently be able to get your hands on one of these in Japan next month for ¥8,000, or about $80.

[Via Gadget Lab]

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