Knoll's 1080p HDP460 projector packs DarkChip4

Though not quite as awe-inspiring as Meridian's all new MF10, Knoll's April-bound HDP460 is a far cry from being a slouch. This 1080p DLP projector boasts the oh-so-coveted TI DarkChip4 along with a 5,000:1 contrast ratio, Pixelworks DNX 10-bit video processor, 1,600 ANSI lumens, HDMI 1.3, ISF day / night presets and built-in scaling support for 2:35:1. Unfortunately, Knoll's being a little stingy in the imagery department, but those who can just imagine this beamer sitting pretty in their den / home theater can phone up the company in order to get a presumably large dose of sticker shock.

[Via AboutProjectors]