Because we can't get away with it for any other holiday, here's a picture of a clay Link feeding a carrot to a bunny. (Image credit: mishmellow). Apologies for the delay: here's our picks for the week's best web-related webcomics. Be sure to vote for your favorite!
Voting after the break.
Weekly Webcomic Wrapup: March 23, 2008
The root of the problem (Tip of the Sword)179 (20.8%)
Without the Super, He's Just a Man (Dueling Analogs)289 (33.5%)
There's Trouble Brewing (Extra Life)76 (8.8%)
The Trap is Set (MNC)63 (7.3%)
Massively Ineffective (Slackerz)135 (15.7%)
Flush (GamerPALs)80 (9.3%)
Dance Off (Unshelved)40 (4.6%)

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