Dell's leaked E6400 ATG for mustachioed, overall types (just not Mario)

So you like the looks of Dell's 14.1-inch Latitude E6400 do ya? Well what if we told you that Dell plans a semi-rugged E6400 ATG version? While it won't replace Dell's fully-rugged XFR D630 when the ATG launches in June, we can't help but be intrigued at the prospect of a dust-proof, shock-proof, and spill-proof, humidity and altitude resistant Centrino 2 laptop with super bright 750cd/m2 (or 650cd/m2 touchscreen) display, GPS, UWB, DisplayPort and more. It can get pretty rugged working unwashed in our robes and slippers, you know. Full features listed after the break as our Week o' Dell scoops continues.