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Dainese's D-Tec wearable airbag on sale in 2010

Darren Murph

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We've seen some fairly interesting products made to keep motorcyclists safe, but after a decade or so of development, Dainese is getting set to loose its airbag suit on the riding world. The D-Tec system is essentially little more than a full-fledged wearable airbag, clearly aimed at motorcycle riders, daredevils and folks who simply feel inadequate with their upper-body physique. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a price range out in the open just yet, but considering the alternative of hitting the asphalt sans a cushion, we'd bet most riders will be willing to pay the premium. Check out the video demonstration after the break.

[Via BoingBoing, image courtesy of webBikeWorld]

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