Microsoft road show for Office 2008 coming to town

Getting Office 2008 loaded and running on one Mac is easy enough if you put your mind to it. Getting it loaded and running on hundreds of Macs, with Entourage data to upgrade and users tearing their hair out over macros that no longer work? Bit more of a challenge, to put it mildly. In the interest of supporting the IT pros who are deploying the latest and greatest from the Mac BU in large educational and corporate enviroments, Microsoft is sending key managers and developers out to face their customers (no!) in half-day intensive Q&A sessions.

In addition to the usual draws for techies (free lunch, nice swag) the road show offers a rare opportunity to get feedback to the people behind Office 2008 face-to-face. The upcoming schedule (NYC and Toronto sessions have already taken place) is as follows:

  • Reston, VA - Thursday, May 8
  • Los Angeles, CA - Tuesday, May 13
  • Downers Grove, IL - Tuesday, May 20
  • Redmond, WA - Thursday, May 22

You'll need to register on Microsoft's site if you want to participate.

This article was originally published on Tuaw.