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Windows Mobile 6.1 update for HTC TyTN II now extra official

Chris Ziegler

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A leaky update faucet let in-the-know users get in on this one a little early, but HTC's now ready to trumpet its official Windows Mobile 6.1 update for its TyTN II to the world. Besides 6.1, the new release packs in the "display performance update" promised some time ago to help put a cap on the cursing and fist-shaking being displayed by owners of various HTC devices lately -- but as we understand it, this isn't a true driver, so don't expect miracles. AT&T Tilt folks who want to play it straight will have to wait some undefined additional period of time for their carrier to get its act together and release the update, but their European comrades can head on over to HTC's site now and kick off the download.

[Image via MoDaCo]

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