If you keep up with Japanese hardware and software sales, you may have noticed an unexpected game in the top ten these past two weeks. Said game is none other than Battalion Wars 2, the tactical action title that's one of our favorites here at Wii Fanboy.

Normally, software that's considered "western" doesn't fare too well in the East, but Kuju London's creative director Tancred Dyke-Wells thinks differently about BWii (called Famicom Wars VS in Japan). "I have the impression that a certain western exoticism plays a part in attracting attention to the title," Dyke-Wells told GamesIndustry.biz. Yet, if you've ever played or seen BWii, you'll know that it has more charm and softer aesthetic than most of the games from the West that Japan is used to seeing. It's this combination that Dyke-Wells thinks Japanese gamers found most appealing.

Since we love it so much, we're definitely happy to see Battalion Wars 2 do well in Japan. In total it has only sold 40,000 copies as of the end of May, but that's probably indicative of stock more than anything. Hopefully the game sees more weeks of success, as it's certainly deserving.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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