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3G iPhone touchscreen leaks out?

Nilay Patel

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We're just four days away from WWDC, so the rumor mill is churning at a fever pitch -- and the latest context-less bits of info to emerge from the churn are these purported photos of the 3G iPhone's touchscreens over at iLounge. Yeah, that's touchscreens, plural -- if these are to believed, Apple's got two sizes of iPhone in store for us on Monday: a 3.2-inch model, and a smaller 2.8-inch model. Note that both of those sizes are smaller than the current iPhone's 3.5-inch screen, which seems slightly implausible -- but kinda-sorta matches up with other rumors we've heard, including those persistent "iPhone nano" whispers from last year. We still really doubt that Apple will shrink the iPhone's screen size, however, and there are literally hundreds of touchscreen iPhone KIRFs these panels could have come from, so we'd say there's a better chance this is just more hype -- but we know y'all have your own ideas. Let us know in comments!

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