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Metareview: Metal Gear Solid 4

Andrew Yoon , @scxzor

Watch your head. You may get hit by one of the many 10s Metal Gear Solid 4 has earned from the critics. Here are a selection of reviews for Kojima's latest. We're not half-way done with the year, and already there's two incredible GOTY contenders on PS3.
  • 1UP (A-) - "It is, in short, precisely what the grand finale of a legendary franchise should be: grand, final, and thoroughly steeped in its own lore."
  • Game Informer (100/100) - "With the series' last breath, Hideo Kojima's defining opus does more than just surpass the previous Metal Gear titles – it creates a landmark gaming experience that continually astounds with its variety, depth, and intelligence. Metal Gear Solid 4 is a masterpiece."
  • GameDaily (80/100) - "This is one of the most important games in history and you'll dig its cool boss battles, at times witty dialogue and unrivaled sneaking mechanics. Just be sure to keep a magazine handy when those cut scenes get ridiculous."
  • GamePro (100/100) - "This is video game storytelling at its absolute best, and represents a new high watermark for the craft, easily surpassing the superb BioShock and the subversive Grand Theft Auto IV."
  • IGN (100/100) - "Is it possible to give a game an 11? If so, this would be the game that would merit that score. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots is a title that exceeds all of the hype that was attached to the title."
Excuse us, while we go back to playing the game.

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