We've been covering the different happenings with the Passively Multiplayer Online Game for a while now, but for a change of pace, it seems that PMOG has covered us by giving us the honor of our own badge!

If you're a PMOG player and an active Massively.com reader, then don't miss your chance to get the "Crowd Control" badge for visiting Massively.com! Simply visit Massively for five days a week for two weeks with your PMOG toolbar enabled, and you'll have your new badge before you can spin around five times and say "I love achievements". Your new Massively.com badge will be displayed proudly along side your other badges, telling everyone who plays PMOG exactly where your allegiances lie.

In addition to our badge, many more badges have been added to PMOG, including the 'Thumb Buster" badge for our parent site, Joystiq. Be sure to check out all the new badges by dropping by PMOG and creating an account.

This article was originally published on Massively.