Xbox 360 Fancast 073 -- All Hopped Up

Back once again with a new episode of the Xbox 360 Fancast. This week, we talk about the crime against humanity that is Frogger 2. Of course, we also discuss the latest news (complete with a new Gears of War 2 news segment with Dustin. We also discuss both Ninja Gaiden II (now that Xav is on to try to make a case that it's not that great) and Civilization Revolution. Finally, we decide to talk about Adam Sessler's rant and share our feeling on Xbox Live behavior.

Be sure to check out the latest podcast from as Xav revisits his old stomping ground to talk about Metal Gear Solid 4 and more.

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Richard Mitchell (SenseiRAM), Dustin Burg (SuperDunners), Alexander Sliwinski (Sli Xander), Xav de Matos (Snypz)

Produced by Richard Mitchell

Music: Intro/Outro: "Electromooq" by Uma Floresta. Bridge: "That Ain't Right" by David R. Merry

For fans: Xbox 360 Fancast Facebook group

[Thanks to Richard Elliott for the image]

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Ninja Gaiden II and Civilization Revolution talk

Fanmail: Gears of War 2 detonations, GTAIV complaints

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