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Nissan pledges electric car in U.S. by 2010

Tim Stevens

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Car companies have been promising fully electric autos for decades, but it seems like we're finally on the cusp of fuel-free, silent running. The Tesla, Zap, and Six50 EVs will all be on the road within the next year or so (we're betting on "so"), and GM's much-anticipated Volt plug-in will come a year after that. Nissan would like to politely remind you that it too plans to have an all-electric auto in U.S. by 2010, all the while lining up charging stations at places like commuter parking lots and train stations. The company recently showed off an all-electric version of its popular (in Japan) Cube at the NY Auto Show, so it's a safe bet that the above is Nissan's vision for the all-electric future of American highways. Shame they couldn't have picked something a little sportier.

[Via Autoblog]

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