We've been getting scattered reports that Apple's shiny new toy might not be snagging as many bars as it should for a lot of users. In our own tests, we've noticed the iPhone 3G fairing poorly in spots where other 3G devices exhibit strong signals, and the Apple support forums are alive with displeasure over what might be a widespread issue. We're curious to know what you -- the reader -- are experiencing. How's your mileage with the new phone? Let us know in the poll below.

How's your iPhone 3G reception?
Great! Not only is my phone better looking than yours, it sounds better too.4963 (9.8%)
Pretty good. It's on par with other phones I've used in the same areas.3113 (6.1%)
Sometimes I only get one or two bars, but the service seems fine.4140 (8.1%)
Not as good as I expected, but definitely useable. AT&T just needs to expand the network a little.5093 (10.0%)
Awful. I have to turn off 3G to make a call.4601 (9.0%)
This is what I waited in line four hours for? It's totally unusable.2464 (4.8%)
Don't have an iPhone 3G, don't want one.26514 (52.1%)