You read that title correctly, iriver's Spinn is apparently touchscreen (not D-Click as mentioned in the FCC leaked user manual) and features haptic feedback to boot. Now that it's officially spec'd on iriver's Korean site, we're also seeing a slightly degraded audio lifespan of 24-hours (not 27) and the apparent removal of the mini SD slot -- it's no longer mentioned in the specs and we don't see a suitable slot on any of the pictures. Otherwise, it's the same sleek slab of 10.7-mm thick metal and plastic sporting a 3.3-inch, 480 x 272 pixel AMOLED display, T-DMB TV, Bluetooth, and new analog SPINN Wheel we've seen kicking around since CES. Currently on pre-order for South Korea with the 4GB model fetching 259,000KRW (about $259) or 8GB for 299,000KRW (about $299). That's right, it maxes out with just 8GB of flash. Check the gallery while we all anxiously await iriver's international launch plans including the rumored August UK release.

iriver's touchscreen Spinn gets priced for pre-order

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[Via DAP Review, thanks Al]


iriver's touchscreen Spinn gets priced for pre-order