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Mobotix Q22 security camera offers 360-degrees of vision


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It looks like Mobotix has a solution for those wishing their security cameras were a bit more all-seeing, with its new Q22 model promising to deliver a full 360-degrees of vision. That's done with the use of a hemispheric lens, which eliminates the need for any moving parts and lets the Big Brother in question digitally flatten, pan, tilt or zoom any image. As if that wasn't enough, the Q22 can also be run entirely over Power over Ethernet (or PoE), and it boasts a built-in speaker and microphone to allow for some two-way communication. Otherwise, you can expect a decent enough 3.1-megapixel resolution, along with SIP support, accommodations for various CCTV management platforms, and Mobotix's own MxControlCenter video management software. As you might expect, however, all that doesn't exactly come cheap, with the basic model running you €498 (or $776), and the premium version demanding €648 (or just over $1,000).

[Via BIOS]

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