Earthrise is the upcoming post-apocalyptic MMO being developed in Bulgaria by Masthead Studios. We've been keeping an eye on this title at Massively, but admittedly it hasn't been that difficult so far. Although Masthead Studios is a comparative newcomer to the MMO industry, the company has been doing a good job of raising awareness of Earthrise through the press, while fostering an active community which is eagerly awaiting beta.

Their latest media coverage comes to us through Massimo Villa's interview with Earthrise's Kamen Atanasov, Sound Effects Designer for the title. The interview touches on how Atanasov progressed from being a freelance sound designer to working on the audio backdrop of Earthrise. If you're curious about the development of this title, check out this Q&A with Kamen Atanasov.

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This article was originally published on Massively.
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