Flush with victory after learning that Guitar Hero had made us better than Metallica, we've already begun the hunt for our next conquest. Ahh, we see a challenger approaching through the mist, is that ... oh, crap, is that Jimi Hendrix? If Slash is to be believed, Activision is busy crafting an all-Hendrix version of the franchise to (presumably) follow up Guitar Hero World Tour.

The mono-monikered musician told Rolling Stone, "Well, having the Aerosmith guys do it was very cool 'cause Aerosmith's one of the bands I was heavily influenced by. And Metallica's doing it, that's great. Those are two ones that I think gives it some credibility. And they're doing a Hendrix one, which is great."

Assuming that this is one of the few times in life where the phrase, "if Slash is to be believed," is followed by a fact, we'll take this opportunity to remind you that setting plastic guitars on fire is a terrible, terrible idea.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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