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IndieCade: International Festival Finalists #21-26

Ross Miller

All week, Joystiq will be revealing the 25 finalists for the IndieCade: International Festival of Independent Games, set to take place October 10 through 17 in Bellevue, Washington. The winners will be announced on October 11.

The Graveyard (website)

The casual gamer might get bogged down by the protagonist's walking speed, but the cheerful and macabre song at the end more than makes up for it. And should you buy the full game -- there's a twist.

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The Night Journey (website)

A collaboration with USC Interactive Media Associate Professor Tracy Fullerton and media artist Bill Viola. It's hard to describe the experience of the piece, so check out the video above.


German for "flashback," Ruckblende is described as an "interactive story." We're sporting major love for the art style.

Cactus Arcade

A collection of visually stylized games. Jeff Minter would be proud.

Rider Spoke (website)

A game that requires aerobic exercise and outdoor activity. Imagine that.

Synaesthete (website, download: PC)

Voted IGF's Best Student Game earlier this year, this Digipen project attempting to "create a harmony between player actions and in-game music." You won't be faulted for thinking about Rez.

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