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Targus kicks out a slew of Mac-focused accessories

Nilay Patel

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Targus is making a big deal about how it's launching its first-ever line of Mac accessories, but we're not seeing much here that's particularly platform-dependent -- just a lot of gray and white plastic. The $70 Bluetooth Laser Mouse, $50 Wireless Mouse, and $80 Bluetooth Presenter all feature an interesting touch-sensitive scroll nub that switches to cursor control on the presenter and offers four-way scrolling on the mice. There's also a $50 USB file-transfer cable that offers direct file transfers between PCs and Macs, a $30 four-port compact USB hub with wraparound cable, MacBook and MacBook Pro privacy screens that range from $50 to $80, and a $50 dual-fan cooling pad with a slight ergonomic tilt. All this should be available now -- PC owners, you'll just have to find something else to do with your useless, useless money.

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