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Ask Engadget: What are the best waterproof headphones?

Darren Murph
It's true -- hunting down a waterproof MP3 player is a cinch, but finding a decent pair of waterproof headphones to accompany said player can prove challenging. Have a look at Melinda's question, and after you're done providing your best advice, send over an inquiry of your own to ask at engadget dawt com.

"I am an almost-daily lap swimmer, but lately I have been suffering from "lap boredom." I've been looking into the latest ways to take my MP3 player into the pool with me, and I need a set of waterproof headphones in order to do so. I've found waterproof earphones like H2O Audio and Aquatunes priced between $30 and $100, but I've also read many negative reviews. Before I spend this much money on waterproof 'phones, I want to know what I am getting. What brand / model do you recommend?"

Climb on out of the kiddie pool and toss in your advice, swimmers. What 'buds do you use to listen to music while submerged?