With Hallow's End in full swing ghosts and pirates, ninjas and squashlings are running about. Orphans need chaperoning, Wickermen need burning and Headless Horsemen need, uh, unhorsing. Out of all the many activities available to you over the next two weeks (and the Hallow's End Achievement, oh the Achievement!) which one's are you most interested in accomplishing?
What are your Hallow's End goals?
Hit a few innkeepers for candy and continue farming gear for my DK twink.296 (3.2%)
Enjoy the world activites and have fun with the wands.1018 (10.9%)
Farm that Headless Horseman til he begs for mercy.2207 (23.6%)
I'm doing it all to get that Achievement title!4846 (51.8%)
What? There's a seasonal event?986 (10.5%)

This article was originally published on WoW Insider.

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