In the midst of all the frenzy over the announcement of Star Wars: The Old Republic, we learned that players will have NPC companions like they do in single-player BioWare games. But there's more: BioWare has said that players will be able to engage in dialogue trees with their companions, and the decisions made in those trees will have irreversible implications.

Anger your companion, and he or she might leave your party forever, or become your enemy. BioWare also hinted that romances with NPCs will be possible -- again, as in the single-player games. This all fits nicely into SWTOR's commitment to storytelling as an addition to traditional MMO gameplay. Things just gets better and better, don't they?

Some questions are raised by this: how will players socialize with one anotherwhen they're constantly tied up in dialogue trees? Will it use the old BioWare dialogue method found in the KotOR games, or will it use the new, cropped Mass Effect one? Stay tuned, ya'll!

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