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Blockbuster could release its own movie set-top-box

Darren Murph

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Well, well -- what have we here? As Microsoft's Xbox 360 skyrockets up the list of most wanted movie set-top-boxes and units like the Roku Netflix Player hold the promise of incorporating HD downloads in the near future, along comes the flagging Blockbuster to put up a mild fight. In a move that's half baffling and half expected, the DVD rental company is reportedly looking to pump out a movie STB of its own for the holiday season. That's according to CEO Jim Keyes, who said as much on a recent conference call with investors. Unfortunately, he passed along no other pertinent information whatsoever, though he did mention a "Blockbuster-branded widget on Intel-manufactured chips embedded in IPTV monitors" for next year. Good luck Blockbuster, you'll probably need it.

[Via NewTeeVee]

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