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DISH Network (finally) offers ViP211 DVR Upgrade option

Richard Lawler , @Rjcc

Just because things aren't all roses for DISH Network lately doesn't mean there's no good news, the long awaited ability to turn ViP211/ViP211k model (no word yet when or if the ViP222 will get the same treatment) MPEG-4 receivers into DVRs by adding an external hard drive is finally coming. For the same one-time $39.99 activation fee that allows users to add space to ViP622 model DVRs, they can hook up 50GB - 750GB of HDD space via USB 2.0 and have a typical single tuner DVR experience, apparently without additional monthly service charges. While not exactly a game changing feature, it could be just what's needed to keep the DISH faithful hanging around a while longer when it's available by the end of the month.

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