Joystiq Podcast 076 - JPAGPJAG edition

True story: Moments after Randall Smith posted this picture of his gorgeous Joystiq Podcast Appreciation Group Podcast Joystick, Wesley Johnson started the Joystiq Podcast Appreciation Group Podcast Joystick Appreciation Group. Yes: The JPAGPJAG. God bless you, Facebook, you're so stupid.

Also, there's a new podcast.

[Update: OK, we had some trouble with the show being borked, but if you directly download from the link below, you'll get the full show. If you're dependent on iTunes, hold tight, we'll try to get that working for you ASAP. For now though, it looks like your best bet is to directly download the below link. If you got the show after 5:40 p.m., you should have the working version.]

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Hosts: Chris Grant, Ludwig Kietzmann and Justin McElroy

Music: "Get Ready for Love" by Nick Cave, "Red Eye" by Ben Kweller

For fans: Joystiq Podcast Facebook group

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