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Focal's latest waterproof speaker cases play nice with newest iPod nanos

Darren Murph

Focal's latest wares look a lot like similar units that we've seen from Atlantic, but we guess there are only so many ways you can design a waterproof iPod sound system. The battery-powered AquaTune nano 4G (shown after the jump) plays nice with Apple's freshest iPod nano and packs a pair of 1-watt speakers that can withstand all but the deepest puddles. The AquaTune v2 is compatible with a wider range of iPods, and the 3-watt x 2 power rating is sure to stir up a few waves whilst submerged. Both are ready to be placed under Japanese trees for ¥10,800 ($119) / ¥15,800 ($174), respectively.

[Via Impress]

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