Can you say "diversify?" WowWee can, and it's saying it loudly and proudly here at CES 2009. While the company has surely dabbled in areas outside of straight-up robotics before, it's never taken it upon itself to product a suite of pico projectors nor pets designed solely as sleeping companions. No need to wipe the sand from your eyes -- the same company responsible for Mr. Personality is dish out a Cinemin line of micro PJs (powered by TI's DLP technology) here in the desert. Moving on, we're also informed of the Spyball spy-cam, a remote controller, WiFi-enabled robotic ball that strangely reminds us of American Gladiators. The company's got plenty more in its bag of tricks too, including the Joebot and Roborover robots, FlyTech Lightstar flyer / Hoverpod racer, four new breeds of Alive Cubs and a fresh line of "pajama pals" dubbed Sleeping Cuties. Hop past the break for details on the whole crew.
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WowWee mixes it up at CES: Cinemin pico PJ, new Alive Cubs and more