WowWee lets out Alive animal bots, Fun mini-bots

WowWee continues its cuddly robo-assault today, backing up the revamped FlyTech and Robotics gear with the Alive Lion, a furry robo-pet with "lifelike responses." The Lion features realistic fur, an animated face, and several feline-like reactions, like going limp when picked up by the scruff of the neck and falling asleep when left alone for five minutes. The Lion should be shipping soon, but the entire Alive line will get bigger later this year with the addition of the Alive White Tiger Cub, the Alive Panda Cub, and the Alive Polar Bear Cub.

If you're not into cuddly, WowWee's got you covered with its new Fun series, which is comprised of several miniature Bug-Bots. Coming in several wheeled and treaded version, the bugs each have different particular skills, and touch sensors will enable several to interact as a swarm. In addition to the Bug-Bots, the Fun line will also include miniature versions of Wrex the Dawg, Tribot, and FemiSapien. Check 'em all out in the gallery!