WowWee's Robotics lineup gets some new additions

WowWee, your favorite neighborhood bot-makers, have busted out of the gate at CES this year with another handful of new automatons sure to please even the toughest of fans... probably. On tap for the 2008 lineup are the Tribot, a three-wheeled robot which sports "distinct expressions" and "animated eyebrows," and can be controlled via a tilt sensor remote. Also on tap is the Femisapien, the female counterpart to the company's terrifically popular Robosapien line. Other inclusions are Wrex the Dog, a (you guessed it) dog robot with "desires and distinct moods" (happy, angry, and... er, crazy), as well as the Chatterbot, robo-figurines that connect to your PC via USB and can interact with email, IM, and web browsing apps (annoyingly, we suspect). WowWee is also introducing a new IR controller, the RoboRemote, which lets you program and assign individual buttons for elicit activities with your Robosapien, Robosapien V2, and Roboreptile, amongst others. Seem like a lot? That's just the Robotics gang -- stay tuned for another batch of bots from the company's other lines.