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Bowers & Wilkins reveals XT 8 tower: $3,500 per pair

Darren Murph

Bowers & Wilkins sure didn't simmer on its Panorama soundbar for long, as the company is already trotting out another product that it's hoping you can't live without. The XT 8 mid-sized tower, which supersedes the superficially identical XT 4, is substantially refined on the inside. The "re-engineered midrange" features proprietary FST (fixed-suspension transducer) technology that promises to deliver "demonstrably and measurably greater mid-frequency accuracy." As for pieces that were retained, you'll still find the same dual 5-inch woofers and Nautilus tweeter, so it's tough to say without a listen if these are really worth the upgrade -- you know, given the stratospheric $3,500 per pair sticker.

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