If you somehow managed to watch the video we've posted after the jump without reading this wall of text, you may be befuddled as to why we've posted a video of The Cure frontman Robert Smith gleefully vandalizing the Nintendo World store in NYC. Little do you know that the combat-booted troublemaker featured in the video is none other than Bob Pelloni, the jilted sole creator of Bob's Game, whom Nintendo is still refusing to sell a software development kit to. Gee, we can't imagine why.

Pelloni's assault on Nintendo World took place on "Stage 50" of his 100-day sit-in protest (the rules of which can apparently be bent to allow for a brief littering excursion). He and his accomplices plastered the store's walls in Bob's Game posters, covered the floor with business cards, and filled store shelves with mock-up game cases. Given this latest desperate attention grab, and the fact that his once-humble development blog currently shows Pelloni consorting with aliens, we're guessing he's exchanged his game development ambitions for fleeting e-lebrity status. What a shame.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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