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SOE rolls out Recruit-a-Friend program for EQ2

Brooke Pilley
What's better than playing an MMORPG by yourself? Playing one with friends of course! Realizing this, SOE just rolled out a Recruit-a-Friend program for EverQuest II. This is one of the better Recruit-a-Friend programs we've seen lately considering the quality of incentives.

Anyone with an EQ2 account in good standing, active or inactive, can invite their friends to take a free 14-day trial of EQ2 content up to the Rise of Kunark expansion. There does not appear to be any limit to how many friends you can invite. While grouped with a friend, you will (both?) receive a 3x experience bonus. Mentor the friend and he or she will receive an additional 10% adventure experience. If you friend decides to stick around (i.e., register an account), you will receive a free month subscription added to your account up to a maximum of 25-months. You will also receive a free exclusive mount. Additional rewards include two free Legends of Norrath Oathbreaker booster packs and 250 Station Cash for the first friend you convert to the game