Joystiq Podcast 085 - Dedication edition

This week's all about dedication. Ludwig records a show despite the constant threat of lion attack. What's that? Dedication. Justin's there even though a tree fell through his ceiling less than 48 hours ago, and you know what that translates to? Dedication. Chris manages to be nice to a listener he disagrees with, and we don't even need to tell you what that translates to (spoiler alert: dedication).

Not to mention that, as always, you'll need no small amount of dedication to make it to the end. Big thanks to Max Paolucci for the nutty image.

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Hosts: Chris Grant, Ludwig Kietzmann and Justin McElroy

Music: "Get Ready for Love" by Nick Cave, "Red Eye" by Ben Kweller

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2. The opening cinema for Street Fighter IV
1. Have you Horde? Survival mode makes waves in L4D

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