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Sony's Maguire: UMD 'wasn't brilliant' for third parties

Justin McElroy

One of the most important classes in blogger college is Learning to Decipher Executive Quotes 101. So, for example, when Sony responded to Dave Perry's claims of a UMD-less PSP 2 with a, "Can't comment either way," we knew that meant, "We're not ready to announce that yet, but yeah, totally." Now, SCE UK's senior VP Ray Maguire has given us a new assignment, to which we'll now apply our 6-hours of LDEQ.

So when Maguire says, "The UMD model wasn't brilliant for third parties," what he's really saying is, "When we do announce that we're dropping UMD, remember that no one, not you, not anybody liked that thing, except maybe pirates." And when he goes on to add, "The downloads side of it will increasingly become a bigger part of its future," he's actually saying, "No, seriously, this is totally happening."

No, no, don't thank us. Thank Prof. Steinburg and the rest of the St. Vincent's Community Blogging College faculty. We couldn't have done it without them.

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