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GDC09: PlayStation Home to feature three new spaces every month

Andrew Yoon , @scxzor

Have you seen everything there is to see in the Red Bull Air Race? Have you met with gamers in the Warhawk and Resident Evil 5 spaces? Hankering for more? No problem -- Sony's online community is rapidly expanding, whether you want it to or not. Jack Buser, director of PlayStation Home, promised GDC attendees that "you'll see about three new spaces launched a month." Unsurprising, considering the 20+ companies signed up to make content for the service.

Surprisingly, Home has already accumulated quite a following, with over 5 million users worldwide, 2.2 million in North America. According to Buser, a "good space" will get a quarter of a million visits each week, with 75 percent of its users spending more than 10 minutes online. For advertisers, that looks like quite the sweet number.

Buser didn't reveal a timeline of future Home spaces, but we do know that EA Sports and Guitar Hero will be getting new Home communities very soon.

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