ArenaNet has worked their magic once again with this year's humorous April Fools' Day prank in Guild Wars. Last year's prank may still be "sticking" with you, and the year before was arguably one of the best through the magic of gender switching, but this year got a pretty good chuckle out of us as well.

When you log in today, you may notice your character looking a bit shorter and much cuter. As part of the April Fools' celebrations, all characters appear as an anime-styled Gwen while in towns and outposts. Gwen, of course, has become the unlikely icon of the game, gaining almost a cult status.

As the day's pranks continue, you can bet we'll keep you informed on the best and most clever. Like for instance, this Guild Wars 2 trailer from ArenaNet's own Jeff Grubb. Ugh, seriously?! That's still going on?

This article was originally published on Massively.
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