Activision's 'Big League Sports: Summer' provides more big league minigames

Activision's first Big League Sports featured small challenges based on sports, which is a somewhat novel approach to Wii sports minigames. The series is returning this June with Big League Sports: Summer, also coming to the DS.

Strangely, three of the six "sunshine pastimes" in Big League Sports: Summer -- tennis, football, and soccer -- also appeared in the first game. Could Activision not think of more sports? Does tennis even have a "big league?" Summer does add three new events: beach volleyball, golf, and baseball. The Wii version features both cooperative multiplayer and competitive All-Star Challenges.

Grab some Big League Chew and get ready to hear about the game from Almost Wilford Brimley in the trailer after the break.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.