You'll need to wield a sturdy fighting stick if you ever plan on becoming a champ in the fighting genre. Everyone knows that; Capcom knows it, Namco Bandai knows it, and SNK Playmore knows it, too, which is why the latter will be releasing two, brand-new controllers alongside King of Fighters XII in July. The first is a King of Fighters XII USB Stick featuring character artwork of series favorites Iori, Athena and others plastered on the topside. The second fighting pad is the Neo Geo Stick 2, a throwback to the classic controller, which will finally be available for PS3 (It's already out for Wii). They retail for ¥6,279 ($65) and ¥5,229 ($54), respectively.

Now, why are those prices in Japanese currency? Well, unlike the game itself, these sticks haven't been given a worldwide release date. They hit Japanese stores on July 16th and hopefully we'll get them in time for launch date, too.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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