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Rock Band Wiikly: Franz Ferdinand, Grateful Dead and more


This week's Wii Rock Band DLC offering delivers a stack of new tunes for the popular music game that spans multiple generations. Like last week, Haromix delivers 25 new tracks from the old school sounds of The Allman Brothers Band to the headbanging vibes of Disturbed. Regardless of your style, there is surely something for you then the tracks go live tomorrow (May 19). As usual, each track is priced at 200 Wii Points ($2). The full track list can be found after the break.

  • Franz Ferdinand - "Take Me Out"
  • Franz Ferdinand - "Do You Want To"
  • Franz Ferdinand - "Lucid Dreams"
  • Alien Ant Farm - "Smooth Criminal"
  • The Allman Brothers Band - "Blue Sky"
  • The Allman Brothers Band - "Midnight Rider"
  • The Distillers - "Drain the Blood"
  • Luscious Jackson - "Naked Eye"
  • Prong - "Idealistic Types"
  • Prong - "The Banishment"
  • The Knack - "My Sharona"*
  • Coheed & Cambria - "Ten Speed (Of God's Blood & Burial)"*
  • The B-52s - "Roam"
  • Buzzcocks - "Ever Fallen in Love"*
  • The Runaways - "Cherry Bomb"*
  • T-Rex - "Bang a Gong"*
  • Grateful Dead - "Casey Jones"
  • Grateful Dead - "China Cat Sunflower"
  • Grateful Dead - "Franklin's Tower"
  • Grateful Dead - "I Need A Miracle"
  • Grateful Dead - "Sugar Magnolia"
  • Grateful Dead - "Truckin'"
  • At the Gates - "Blinded by Fear"
  • Evile - "Thraser"
  • The Haunted - "D.O.A."
*Denotes cover tracks, all others are master recordings.

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