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Sunday scoops: Android on AT&T, Palm Eos details, BlackBerry Magnum, and more


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Usually, Sundays don't get too crazy at Engadget -- after all, even super-nerds need to rest. That wasn't the case yesterday, however, as we found ourselves knee-deep in a handful of seriously sweet smartphone leaks. Most of the news centered around AT&T's upcoming devices (you know, like its first Android phones, brand new BlackBerry offerings, and... the Palm Eos), but we also saw a few new angles on the Pre. Do yourself a favor and hit all the links below -- you won't be sorry.

AT&T leaks

HTC Lancaster is a QWERTY slider with Android for AT&T
Palm Eos on track for AT&T release second half of 2009
HP triumphantly returns to AT&T with iPAQ K3 "Obsidian"
Blackberry Magnum, Onyx, Pearl 3G, and Gemini to harmonize on AT&T
HTC's Warhawk and Fortress are AT&T's Touch Diamond2 and Pro2
Nokia Grouper, Mako, Snapper, and Thresher rolling deep on AT&T

Pre leaks

Sprint's Pre business launch guide leaked in its entirety
Plethora of Palm Pre interface videos emerge from leaked emulator

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