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Sprint's Pre business launch guide leaked in its entirety

Sprint's Pre business launch guide leaked in its entirety
Chris Ziegler
Chris Ziegler|May 24, 2009 4:19 PM
Sprint has published a real page turner here -- some 22 pages of the most telling Pre details we've seen to date. It's a very business-centric document, but a lot of the stuff revealed in here applies to each and every user that's buying a Pre since much of the functionality is managed through Palm's owned-and-operated cloud. Follow the break for some of the major takeaways we're seeing.

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  • Sprint expects the Pre to "make many IT managers' standards list," meaning corporate users could potentially choose it in place of a BlackBerry or WinMo device.
  • Despite the fact that the Pre uses a standard micro-USB port for charging, the document warns that "other charging solutions may not work properly." First-party vehicle and travel chargers will be available at or near launch for $31.99 and $34.99, respectively. We certainly wouldn't be surprised if any micro-USB charger worked, but we don't think we'd want to be the first one to test it.
  • Also available at launch will be a clear plastic holster for $24.99, a leather pouch for $39.99, and of course, the Touchstone for $69.99. "Phone covers" are expected shortly after launch for $29.99 each, but we're not sure exactly what those are.
  • Individual plans include 450 minutes for $69.99, 900 for $89.99, and Simply Everything unlimited for $99.99. All three include unlimited data.
  • Employees will have "delayed" availability to ensure that regular customer demand is filled first (this is a pretty common practice with carriers and big boxes, much to the chagrin of said employees).
  • SERO plans are not compatible with the Pre.
  • Sprint pits the Pre against the iPhone 3G, Storm, and G1 in a comparison chart, noting that you'd be paying $149.99, $158.98, and $124.99, respectively, for equivalent plans.
  • Sprint says that the "sealed form factor" of the Pre makes repairs tough and the potential for damage high; therefore, it's an exchange-only phone. No repairs will be attempted on damaged or defective phones.
  • A total of ten flagship stores will be hosting invite-only VIP launch events on June 5.
  • DataViz Documents To Go won't just be available at launch, it'll actually be built into ROM so that Office documents can be viewed right from the start. An edit-capable version will be available later, though it's not clear when.
  • The creation of a Palm Profile is required to use the phone -- there's no way around it. This is a one-time process that can be completed on the phone itself.
  • Users don't need to accept Google's terms of service to use the phone, and if they choose not to, GPS services will not be available.
  • You can sync to multiple Exchange accounts at once.
  • Remote wipe ("kill pill") capability will be available at launch; users simply need to log into their Palm Profile web page to initiate the wipe. Doesn't change the fact that your phone was stolen, though, you poor thing.
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