Codename soup: AT&T eyeing Samsung's Fluxus, Pilar, and Scotney

Have you ever heard three stranger codenames? We're sure they're all changing prior to launch -- which is a shame, really, because we'd be totally down to buy a "Samsung Fluxus." Speaking of the Fluxus, it's a dual-band HSDPA slider that looks vaguely like the Tocco Ultra Edition, but the similarity's only skin-deep because the Fluxus is a non-touchscreen WQVGA device with a measly 2 megapixel camera, which means you won't see TouchWiz here, either. Moving on, the Scotney looks like a slightly lower-end device with similar specs, the one major change being the downgrade from WQVGA to 220 x 176. Finally, the SGH-A247 Pilar is an ultra low-end EDGE-only slider with a VGA cam, likely destined for GoPhone duty. It's actually late -- it had been targeted for April availability, according to our slide -- while the Fluxus and Scotney are looking at dates closer to fall.