For those of you with stockpiles of canned goods and automatic weapons in an underground bunker, patiently waiting for a) the zombie apocalypse or b) a Canadian invasion we have goo ... well, we have news. You can prepare for both occurrences on your Xbox 360 by alternating between Left 4 Dead and the 1 vs 100 beta!

Wait, let us explain ...

You see, the 1 vs 100 beta has heretofore been limited to The Great Nation of Canada but, beginning June 1st (read: the day of Microsoft's press conference next Monday!), that beta will be expanded to include the US as well. You see where we're going with this: While we can't guarantee you'll be matching wits with Canadians every game, we think you'll agree that the mere potential of a mental mano-a-mano (-a-mano-a-mano-a ...) with real live Canadians presents a thrill you probably haven't experienced since firing that first round into a cardboard cutout of zombie Celine Dion.

This article was originally published on Joystiq.

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