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WoW Moviewatch: Adventures of Puff & Lilpuff - Episode 7


Warning: The language in this piece is not safe for work.

You can only very tenuously call today's piece a "movie," which might disqualify it for being featured on "Moviewatch." However, Myndflame's "Adventures of Puff & Lilpuff - Episode 7" targets the same audience of WoW players who would recognize them from their epic series, Illegal Danish. I wanted to make sure Moviewatchers didn't miss out on the comedy.

Of course, part of the news here is that Myndflame will be releasing the prelude to Illegal Danish 3 on July 3rd, 2009. This particular episode of Puff & Lilpuff features a petition thread on Gameriot, encouraging the Illegal Danish folks to include the nominal characters in the machinima.

Overall, this mostly-audio series is pretty funny. It's rooted in the body of work Myndflame has created, and is definitely a creative use of characters. Over the seven episodes we've already scene, the interaction between Puff and Lilpuff has become more complex and involves. I think that the series will continue to build on this intricacy, and will probably become a staple of many a WoW player's weekly game routine.

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