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MIPS Technologies showing off Android with an HD facelift August 27

Richard Lawler , @Rjcc

Sure, Google may see ChromeOS as its operating system of the future on PCs, but we just can't help ourselves every time Android makes a special appearance in an off-the-cellphone production, with its next performance scheduled for August 27 when MIPS Technologies will demo a version made for high definition displays. EE Times sees Sigma Designs as a hardware partner, mentioning it has already shown a Blu-ray player prototype running the OS. Of course, there's already options like the BLOBbox (in Europe) if an open software platform set-top is your desire -- and according to our poll results, it just might be -- but we'll see if an upgraded mobile OS has the chops to go in the living room later this month.

[Via Android Community]

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