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Engadget podcast logoWe agreed last week not to do any kind of celebration of our 150th podcast, but we won't complain if you being along some cake to the live Ustream session of this not-so-momentous occasion. Just be sure to bring enough to share with the rest of the gang as we gather around the virtual studio at 5:30PM ET on Tuesday, August 11th when the whole shebang kicks off. Here's the deal -- if you don't know more about something HD-related than the guy in the next cubicle over, we'll give you your money back. Check out the list of topics and embedded Ustream widgets after the break and prepare to get informed!
Comments from Engadget HD Podcast 149 - 08.05.2009
CEDIA 2009 Windows Media Center predictions
Xbox 360 officially the only console to stream Netflix -- sorry, PS3 and Wii
The revolution has been televised: Survey reports 53% of U.S. homes with HDTV
Media bigwigs declare that free TV "is broken"
Subscription services like Netflix Watch Instantly generates 20x the revenue of pay-per-downloads
Roku Video player now streaming live HD baseball games from MLB.TV
VIZIO VBR100 Blu-ray player freed from superstore confines, unboxed on video
Toshiba applies for BDA admission, Blu-ray players and laptops coming soon
Blu-ray support coming with iTunes 9?
Steven Soderbergh calls out the aspect ratio villains: HBO, AMC - We're talking about you
Poll: What's the worst mistake HD channels make?
Don't let retailer's lights distract you from buying the right HDTV
Logitech's Harmony 900 remote controls components behind closed doors
TiVo turns on custom RSS video feed support

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