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Samsung YP-R1 portable media player hits the FCC


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It's unfortunately not the (presumably) Tegra-based YP-M1 that Samsung has just debuted in South Korea, but the company's YP-R1 player still isn't too shabby as far as basic PMPs go, and it's now finally popped up at the FCC. While still far from a guarantee, that would seem to signal that US release could be coming sooner rather than later, and hopefully means that it's bigger brother, the M1, will also be following suit. In case you missed it, the YP-R1 is a touchscreen-based player with a 2.7-inch display, and packs 8GB to 32GB of flash storage, built-in Bluetooth, TV-out, support for most of the major audio / video formats, and even a few games for good measure. Still curious for more? You can get a glimpse of the manual, some internal shots, and some always-riveting test reports at the link below.

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